Self Cocking Pistol Cobra System K8025 Tactical Crossbow

Cobra System K-8025 Crossbow

For the seekers of Pistol-style, self cocking crossbows… The Cobra System K-8025 with their strong plastic and fiberglass composition and Speedy cocking mechanism is the right choice for you or the one bow you are looking for.
With a weight of only 80 pound the Cobra System K-8025 fires cross-bow arrows at a speed of 165 feet per second (FPS).
The Cobra System K-8025 is the ideal crossbow for new hunters and hunting games amateurs.

The self-cocking functions are safe and much more easier to use. Just pull down the arm lever, the cable on the crossbow can be cocked quickly and easily, setting the safety automatically.

The speediness of the new mechanism in this crossbow improves the reload time in order to allow more quicker shots.

Please be careful: Under no circumstances should you leave this weapon cooked and loaded. Always keep it away from your children. THIS IS NOT A TOY.

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