Best Compound and Recurve Hunting Bows: 2017 Edition

If you are a new hunter looking to get started with bow hunting or just an amateur in discover of compound and recurve bows then you might be completely lost and confused, overwhelmed with the difficulty of getting the right product and the best value for your hard earned money.

Getting the best compound or recurve bow in the market, the one you dream about, makes a big difference, despite the shooting purpose…being able to hit the target is what matters.

But how can you get yourself through the large collection of products on the market. How can you take the right decision to make sure that you get the one bow you need? It is hard to make choices when almost all products have the same “Technical” descriptions. Even the buyers reviews are so confusing making it hard to believe if the issues are coming from the client’s or the product’s side.

That’s why you are here today and that’s why i am here to help you as your modest archery expert. My goal is to share my experience and knowledge to help you get the right idea and spend more time enjoying your shooting experience.

First…Let me introduce you to my 4 favorites recurve bows on today’s market:

In today’s hunting world, modern compound bows and crossbows are so important. But traditional recurve bows are also unique in their own way and you should consider giving them a try.

Comparison Guide For The Best Recurve Bows On Today’s Market:

View on Amazon: Takedown: My Rating: Price:
Samick Sage Takedown Yes $$
Martin Jaguar Takedown Bow Yes $$
PSE Nighthawk Bow No $$$
Martin Archery Hunter No $$$
Spirit 66 Recurve Bow Yes $
SAS Explorer Bow Yes $
Spyder Takedown Recurve Bow No $$$
Bear Archery Super Kodiak No $$$

But if you are more into Compound bows then let me make it clear: Getting the best value from your compound bow for the spent money is a little bit hard, there are too much options available on today’s market. So let me make things much easier with the comparison chart below. Whether you are a pro hunter, a newbie or just someone looking to get more details about the best compound bows… the table below including my selection of the top 6 compound bows should guide you in taking the right decision.

Comparison Chart For My Top 6 Compound Bows

Compound Bow Speed Weight length Rating $ Range
Martin Archery Lithium 335 fps 50-70 26″ to 31″
DA Infinite Edge 310 fps 5-70 13″ to 30″
SAS Rage 270 fps 55-70 26″ to 30″
Bear Archery Cruzer 310 fps 5-70 12″ to 30″
PSE’s Surge RTS 312 fps 50-70 19-1/2″ to 30″
PSE Prophecy 340 fps 60 25″-30″


Fastest Compound Bows By Brands: Hunters Need More Speed.

The world of hunting is getting bigger especially when archery is the base. New hunters are emerging from all kind of backgrounds looking to get their first hunting bow but not the slowest one.
Hunters need more speed and Bow companies knows that…They keep trying to produce the “fastest compound bow” ever.

In an effort to help you make the right choice in the shadows of the overwhelming variety of compound bows on the market, check below a list of the fastest compound bows by brands:

5 Fastest Compound Hunting Bows

PSE Full Throttle


PSE are more known for their high performance bows at affordable prices and that’s why they keep attracting new hunters and beginners who are looking to get their first hunting bow. The PSE Full Throttle is one of the fastest compound bows and can shoot at the insane speed of 370 FPS.

Mathews Halon


Have you ever heard of the Ferrari of bows? Mathews claimed to have made one. But even if they offer really unique cams and limbs they are still far away from the Ferrari. The Halon can get up to 353 FPS and one of their fastest hunting bow on the market.

Elite Impulse 34 Ninja


The Elite brand is still new on the market that’s why many hunters overlook this company since, unlike their camo patterns, they don’t offer a large range of bows since the production is limited in someway but their bows are equipped with highly desired functions and features and that’s why it is much easier to make a choice. The Elite Impulse 34 Ninja can shoot at the speed of 350 Feet Per Second which is amazing and very impressive. The simple design on the Impulse 34 make it much more appealing.

Bear Escape


The Bear company are already known for their high end bows and they are definitely not going to surround to the fierce competition. The proof is The Bear Escape Compound Bow which is one of the best hunting bows on today’s market with a velocity of 350 FPS.

Hoyt Carbon Defiant Turbo


Hoyt is one of the leaders on the market with their highly featured, lightweight and super unique bows defining their own vision of performance on hunting bows. The Hoyt Turbo Compound Bow has been created to satisfy the need for speed. With a bow weight of only 3.8 lbs this compound bow can shoot at a speed of 350 FPS.

Pictures Source: Wikimedia

Below Are Some Of The Available Compound Bows On Amazon

My selection is based on the experience of many years to make it easier for you to get the right bow for your needs…as long as you know what you need 🙂

The final choice is definitely yours, the required features and functions are determined by the way of use. Just like Excalibur, the magic, all-purpose weapon does not really exist. Sometimes you need to sacrifice a feature for another one.

  • If it’s your first time you can just follow my guidance with confidence.
  • If you are an experienced archer or bow hunter then it is time for you to share your experience with us. 🙂

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