Ravin R15 Predator Crossbow Camo 2017 Review

Ravin R15 Predator Camo

The Ravin R15 Predator is one of my favorite crossbows and definitely my best one. the technology incorporated by HeliCoil makes the Ravin R15 Crossbow standout with unique features that are not available on any other crossbow on the market. This amazing crossbow allows almost a full rotation of the new smaller and much better cam design which gets the cables to spiral off the cams, all to balance the limbs load decreasing the vibration for a perfect cam rotation. There is no need for a crossing cable, both the string and bolt are freely floating out of the rail, suppressing the friction and providing a super base for accuracy with the 425 feet per second speed.

Fully cocked at only 6″ , the Ravin R15 Predator crossbow has the narrowest design ever created. The integrated cocking mechanism allows easy cocking and un-cocking which make it one of the best crossbows on the market. Ravin R15 also has and Antidry fire system and auto safety.

Speed:425 FPS.
Kinetic energy160.5 ft.-lbs.
Draw weight235 lbs.
Cooking force12 lbs.
Width10.5" uncocked & 6" cocked.
Power Stroke13"

The Ravin R15 Predator has been made in USA

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