You should not be asking yourself how killer your bow is. Bow hunters keep arguing lastly, here and there, about their hunting bows trying to define which one is the best one. The truth is: There is no better equipment, almost everything depends on you. You need to learn how to get enough accuracy to hit the target with any type of hunting bows.

In this article i would like to show you my tip to get the best accuracy with any hunting bow. you can be in the best shape or even a superman, if you can’t shoot a bow accurately then you won’t be successful with any bow and arrow.

The goal is a money shoot, we need to hit the target. Keep shooting your bow above the 100 yards for a minimum of 50 arrows every single day until you’re able to hit the target 10 successive times with the same accuracy. Personally, in my daily training i shoot above 150 yards to make sure that i’ll be able to hit the target at 80 or 100 yards easily, it is one of my accuracy strategies.

In order to hit every single time. you need to be fully dedicated and mostly obsessive to be fully and perfectly accurate with every shot.

If you are a big animals hunter just like me then you should train to shoot 70-80 pounds. I know that in overall 45-50 pounds would be enough but it would be much better for your accuracy if you can increase that much more. Train and shoot heavy arrows for a powerful penetration.

No matter what you’re shooting, you need to believe that it is going to hit. You need to trust your equipment and believe its the best. You need to know that when you put the string back there is no doubt in your mind that the target would be taken down.

As long as you believe in yourself you are definitely going to transfer your powerful energy to the hunting bow under your hands.