Modern Compound Bows vs Traditional Recurve Bows

The compound bows are an evolution of the traditional bows and as we talk about evolution we think about improvement and new capabilities. Compound bows have been designed and built to get all the hassles off from the traditional hunting bows while increasing power control, shoot-ability and velocity by solidifying the bow with a strong mechanical composition (rise, limbs, cams or wheels, string, cables, sight, vibration suppressors…etc) allowing compound bow hunters and shooters to get more power and accuracy with little effort thanks to the “let-off point”.

The more you pull back the string on a traditional recurve bow the more strength and effort you need to hold back the generated shooting power until the full draw, supposing that you are going to shoot right away after the full draw, otherwise, you will need much more energy to keep holding the string back at full draw until you decide to let off or cancel. You end up loosing energy and strength quickly because you are only relying on the string, the limbs and your power to generate and hold the power required to hit the target.

Unlike traditional hunting bows, Compound bows are equipped with additional mechanical elements allowing to generate and control more shooting power and get more accuracy. At first it is hard to pull the string back, until you get to the let-off point where things becomes more interesting. At that point, the power required to pull the string back decreases to lighten the draw weight while keeping the velocity to the maximum. This way you can hold more shooting power while easily keeping the string back.

How does the “let-off” point work on a compound bow?

This characteristic advantage implemented on compound bows is called the “Pully System”: The limbs and Cams join forces to store your shooting power while you are drawing the string back to the point where you can hold the full generated power with less drawing force.

So in term of performances, the compound bow wins, but if you are more into the natural way of life the recurve bow is much better for meditation and self-control.