Barnett Lady Whitetail Hunter Crossbow 2017 Review For My Ladies

Barnett Lady Whitetail Crossbow

I just bought the Barnett Lady Whitetail Hunter Crossbow for my wife few months ago and i was totally amazed by the performances of this crossbow combining high speed and shoot-ability all under the feeling of a feminine touch. If you’re a female hunter, i am sure you already know about this, otherwise you should get this one…

The Barnett Lady Whitetail Hunter Crossbow is the right choice for women and especially for those looking to get inside the world of hunting in the woods from the big door. With a crossbow weight of only 6.4 lbs and a 16.2 inches limb the Barnett Lady Whitetail Hunter is very well designed to support the 150 LBS draw weight and the 350 FPS velocity under female arms. Including an Anti-Dry Fire trigger system and auto-safety reminder

The High end features on the Barnett Lady Whitetail Hunter Crossbow are definitely implemented for more improved performances and power control and much more fun in the woods for any female hunter.

This Crossbow Has Been Made In USA and can be set in few seconds since it comes almost already assembled.

Check the table below:

Barnett Lady Whitetail Hunter
Speed in FPS 350
Draw Weight (LBS) 150
Kinetic Energy 103 FT-.LBS
Crossbow Weight(LBS) 6.4
Design Muddy Girl Serenity
Delivered Mostly Assembled
Trigger TriggerTech
Included Scope 4 X 32
Rope Cocking Device Included
Included Arrows 2 X 20″
Lightweight quiver Included

  • What is the best crossbow for you my ladies?

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